Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Survival in a radically different physical environment associated with the coming earth changes, will require basic skills in farming, gardening, and survival food storage. Millions of people around the globe will suffer hunger, malnutrition, and starvation. You do not want to be one of them and you will want to protect yourself and your family from these conditions.

Preparing for yourself and your family will require knowledge in canning, preservation, and storage so the survival foods you have purchased or created will not spoil, become contaminated, or attract vermin. Self reliance is key to survival. The more that you know and the more that you can do yourself, the better off you and yours will be, and the more helpful you can be to others struggling to meet their own needs.

Grow Your Own Corn

Everyone is encouraged to become informed  about these things, develop new skills, and store pre-packaged food and survival seeds. You are encouraged to visit your local library for information on these topics, read magazines like Mother Earth News,  or search on line to collect meaningful data and useful information. You can use the resources at the bottom of the page to assist you and our products to prepare you for these Changes. In a true SHTF America situation, it is unlikely that the internet will be online. Hard copy data will be important, as necessary digital files on your personal computer that you will want to refer to, may not be accessible.

As the Mayan Cosmic Alignment approaches its zenith in December 2012 events may over take the governments ability to respond to them. Supply lines may be cut, distribution outlets isolated, and food shortages may develop. Begin to stock up now on items that store well. Buy more of the foods you and your family eat. Get an extra can of corn and kidney beans,  jars of peanut butter and jelly, a bag of rice, or a package of pasta every time you shop. If you can, buy food in bulk from Costco, Sam's Club, or a survival food manufacturer. If you buy from a survival food manufacturer buy dehydrated or freeze-dried, or both. Test a small sample before you buy it in bulk. Always buy on sale. Products from a survival food manufacturer will be more expensive, but they will last a long time if properly stored in a cool, dry, place

NASA Illustration Shows Loss of Vegetation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a.k.a. Mormans, are preppers and recommend storage of a three year supply of staples to their membership. SHTF America concurs and in addition, also recommends that you develop your own renewable food supply; like a garden in your back yard.  Develop it with heritage seeds. Heritage seeds are NON - genetically modified hybrid seeds. If you live in an area with a winter climate, consider a solar greenhouse to extend the growing season.

Water is critical to your survival. Your location in the United States may determine its availability to you. If you have access to a water well on your private property you are fortunate. If you have access to another independent water source, like a river, lake or reservoir, you will need to filter and purify that water for drinking. You will need to purchase a portable water filter and purifier.

Bleach is an important disinfectant, it is cheap, and a little bit will go a long way to render your water drinkable. Make sure that in a SHTF America scenario, or a major regional disaster, you have sufficient  water stored or available for drinking. If you cannot or will not leave your home, and do not have a swimming pool, fill the tub. You will be glad you did. Finally, consider collecting rain water from your roof into rain barrels. You can use this water on your garden, in your greenhouse, or in an emergency; you can filter it, purify it, and use it for cooking and drinking.

Evaluate your location and consider whether it is prudent or advisable to relocate. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you and your family live in a danger zone. The mentality and psychology of  the inner cities is dramatically different than that of smallville, and this should be evident to everyone when riots break out and property damage occurs after their favorite team wins a championship. Some of these people just do not have the basic respect of other people and their property requisite to civilized living. In a SHTF America scenario, these same people will become very dangerous. If you cannot relocate to a small town now, then consider it for a "bug out location". A bug out location could be a second home, cabin, favorite camp ground, cave, or even an old mine or natural spring with which you are familiar.

Hurricane Katrina exposed the failure of the US government to act expeditiously in troubled times, and this failure to act decisively, has eroded all confidence in the government's willingness or ability to respond to its citizens. In all likelihood, in a true SHTF America scenario, you will be on your own. Develop a plan in advance.

Cayce predicted major  earth changes for the United States. You are strongly advised to research these predictions and decide whether they resonate with you.  Many of the statements he made seventy years ago, including the rise of China and the relocation of the South Pole to the South Atlantic Ocean, are taking place even as you read this post.

Weather patterns are changing in response to the changes in the earth itself. These physical changes in the earth and its weather will have implications for food supplies, and world reserves are at an all time low. Just this week, terrible fires broke out in Russia, as Moscow experienced an unusual heat wave that sparked massive fires, killed many people, and destroyed fully one third of their wheat crop. Consequently, Russia banned international wheat sales to protect the food supplies for its citizens. This event may not impact the price of bread in the United States much, but some nations in the third world will be forced to pay much higher prices for their grain.

Wheat Field

Nostradamus has also made predictions similar to Cayce's, and in particular, in a letter to his son, disclosed that water will flood much of the earth again at the end of time. Other more recent prophets and psychics have also testified to these pending changes. As you read this post, ice caps are breaking up at both the North and South Poles, and huge ice sheets have already separated from the polar caps.

This summer, the summer of 2010, scientists have discovered that the Greenland ice cap is melting at an accelerated rate from past measurements. Even more recently, a major break occurred, separating an "ice berg"  four times the size of Manhattan Island from the main glacier in Greenland. It is speculation, but likely, that this warming process is originating beneath Greenland, and visible in the eruptions of volcanoes in Iceland.

Iceland Volcano Under The Aurora

Warm weather is no stranger to Greenland. As recently as two to three million years ago, Greenland was free of its ice, and it had been that way for the fifty million years prior. If anything, in geologic time, the Ice Age of 12,000 years ago that covered Greenland with ice temporarily, is still ending.

Bible scholars, end time commentators, and prophecy experts have long wondered why the United States seems remarkably absent from the biblical account of the "Last Days"; when it is now, arguably, the pre-imminent Superpower on the world stage. Cayce's predictions of massive earth changes in America may be the answer to that riddle. These changes may be coming to a location near you soon, and if they do, there will be major implications for the availability and price of food in America. Can't happen here? Don't bet on it. You may be betting your life, the quality of your life, or the life of your family, if you do.

Become informed. Begin your "prep". There is time to adapt, but you must adapt in advance to meet these challenges.